Fall classes are starting in October they require only 5 weeks of coursework and hands-on training, which means you will be working in the field in month!


Fall classes are starting in October they require only 3 weeks of coursework and hands-on training. Job openings are always available to fill these positions with a variety of appliance or furniture related companies.

Did you know that registering for the "Ohio Means Jobs" program could give you the opportunity to enroll in an approved vocational training school of your choice? And if qualified they could offer financing up to 100% of your tuition costs to attend the appliance repair technician certification program. Upon completion you will receive a certificate and your skills will be in demand immediately. Appliance technicians are in demand nationwide. Just think you could be weeks away from an exciting new career that always has a shortage of certified people! Men and women both are welcomed to the appliance repair field.  Vermilion institute of technology is the approved college to request.  The appliance repair technician  program is the approved program to request. 

Ohio Means Jobs is a program offered by the State of Ohio to assist unemployed or laid - off individuals with locating employment opportunities, or they offer assistance with getting you enrolled in a trade school. Here are the steps to begin that process:


*remember there is no pass or fail for this exam* 

Once you have completed these steps, an Appliance Repair Academy Specialist will contact you and assist you to get all set up and ready to start our next series of classes!



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About Us

Rod Braxton, owner, displays a brazing technique for refrigeration.

Rod Braxton, owner, displays a brazing technique for refrigeration.

Appliance Repair Academy grew out of a vision that would increase the workforce in the appliance repair business. Our instructors have over 25 years of combined appliance repair technical experience and business ownership. The appliance repair trade skill-set was developed from a necessity to earn a living and to provide an inexpensive service to those in need within the East Side of Cleveland. After many years of receiving contracts for repair calls, our team decided that the best approach would be to empower companies and individuals by training them and allowing them to save their finances for other experiences in life. There is a Chinese proverb that is our motto and is echoed throughout our offices and training academy: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Being in the appliance repair business, you learn that customer satisfaction is the most valuable possession that any business can have. Customers are the most valuable asset. Once the customer is satisfied, they can and typically will help grow the business by continuing to do business and by recommending you to friends and associates.

We are committed to delivering a comprehensive program that is based in Cleveland, OH. What makes Appliance Repair Academy unique, is that we will travel anywhere within the United States to bring the training program directly to you in your local area. Our goal is to provide stellar service within the appliance industry by offering both the local and national appliance training program.

We are proud to have our vision come to life through Appliance Repair Academy!